Health and Safety

GDS Prague 2024
Health and Safety

On behalf of the organizational team of the conference we are looking forward to meeting all of you at GDS 2022, which will take place in Prague as a physical event. At the moment of planning the conference, the Czech government has removed most of the Covid-19 restrictions.

But the projections for the future are always very hard to make. That is why we keep monitoring the situation constantly and will do our best to update all of our visitors on the situation. Please read through the policies which will make sure we all enjoy a safe event.

Participating at the conference

Participating at the conferences is currently not restricted in any way by the Czech government. However, we would like to ask all of you to put your health first, and respect other attendees. If you are not feeling well - please stay at home and skip the conference.

Rules of entry to the Czech Republic

Please go to the covid Portal of the government of the Czech republic to stay up-to-date when planning your trip to GDS.

If you need any help with planning your trip to the Czech Republic, feel free to contact us at

Masks and respirators

Wearing respiratory protection at indoor events is currently not mandatory in the Czech Republic as of June 2022.

Travel Insurance for Czech Republic trips

You should consider the benefits of travel insurance as part of your Czech Republic travel planning. Travel insurance can provide important coverage for your trip to Prague.


Hygiene is always a top-priority and that is why we will take extra care of cleaning and sanitization policies at the conference venue. All surfaces at the event will be disinfected regularly, hand sanitizer will be provided, as well as regular ventilation.

In case of an emergency

In case of any situation requiring immediate medical attention or a situation putting conference visitors and staff in danger, please don't hesitate to contact staff members on site.

Updated on 25.09.2023.

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