We are GoodAI

GoodAI emerged following Keen Software House's "Space Engineers" success, allowing Marek Rosa to invest $10M into AI research through GoodAI in 2014, targeting AI to match human intellect.

Officially launched in 2015 with two branches and a robotic owl emblem, GoodAI represents its Applied and Research divisions. The 2017 General AI Challenge, backed by Microsoft and NVIDIA, sought AI breakthroughs, offering $5M in rewards. Building on this, the 2020 GoodAI Grants program, worth $900K, funds research into complex AI issues influenced by the company's Badger Architecture.

GoodAI has also formed teams to integrate large language models into gaming, AI studies, and robotics.

Our Games

AI People Game

GoodAI is also a developer of AI People, a sandbox/simulation game mixed with RPG elements, where players can interact with AI-NPCs, who engage with their surroundings, communicate, and build relationships among themselves. They lead independent lives. This game offers unprecedented freedom, allowing players to befriend or influence these characters in previously unseen ways in the gaming industry.

We are aiming for an alpha release soon!

Check out our CEO's presentation on Reflect Festival about the AI People game.

We are hiring!

If you are interested in our work, consider working with us!

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