You most probably know IBM for being a solution provider for traditional enterprise business. But do you know IBM is in gaming and e-sports space for long time? In fact, it is. We built great solutions for Overwatch League, Skyegrid, RemoteMyApp, Exit Games to name the few.

In IBM we look at gaming as two-way traffic – content being pushed out to the audiences, and content being brought by the audiences. To keep the traffic live and engaging we help to connect the two, we bring solutions that tell how to engage emotionally with your fans, how to make your solutions secure, how to reduce effort and overheads, and other.

We do this with our Cloud and AI, Security, Infrastructure and Services solutions. Our solutions are based on IBM and Red Hat open sources. We bring IBM Garage digital experts and Devops teams. According to our knowledge, that is unique combination that is needed for the perfect solution in the industry.

Join us and our expert William (Bill) Le Voir-Barry to learn more.

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Overwatch League

We’re constantly striving to give fans the ability to more meaningfully engage with the Overwatch League and teaming up with IBM enables us to do just that.” Brandon Snow, Chief Revenue Officer of Activision Blizzard Esports


IBM Cloud supports innovative, local cloud gaming platform


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