Hangar 13

Hangar 13

Hangar 13 is the internal 2K development studio behind the award-winning Mafia III.
We are comprised of a diverse group of people, from industry veterans with experience working on big franchises, to talented former indie entrepreneurs and recent graduates.
We have a collective hunger to work with bleeding edge technology so we build our games using a powerful proprietary engine and toolset, created in-house.
Hangar 13 is based in four vibrant locations: Brno (Czech Republic), Prague (Czech Republic), Novato (California, US) and Brighton (UK).
We are currently hard at work on our next AAA titles.

Though we hail from all over the world, and our backgrounds are wildly different, one thing binds us all together – the belief that “Every Player’s Story is Unique.”
We believe that a game should never be a fixed experience fed to the player, but something that is shaped by the game developers and the player together, every time the game is played.
At Hangar 13, we want to make (and play) games that allow players the freedom to define everything from the moment-to-moment gameplay to the narrative, creating their own, unique player stories along the way.

Key titles

Mafia: Trilogy (PC, PS4, XONE)

The Mafia: Trilogy video games let you live the life of a gangster across three distinct eras of organized crime in America.

Mafia: Definite Edition

Lost Heaven, 1930. While scraping by as a hardworking cab driver, Tommy Angelo has an inadvertent brush with the Mafia that showcases a life of reward too big to ignore. A beloved classic faithfully remade and expanded from the ground up.

    Mafia II: Definite Edition

    Empire Bay, 1943. While back in the states on leave from World War II, Vito Scaletta is pulled into a life of crime to pay off seedy family debts. This fan favorite is remastered with stunning audio and visual upgrades and all DLC is included.

      Mafia III: Definite Edition

      New Bordeaux, 1968. To get revenge for the ultimate betrayal, Lincoln Clay must define a new breed of crime family by taking down the old any way you choose. An award-winning narrative experience, reintroduced in one complete package.

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