Based in Prague, Geewa connects creativity, technology and data to create unique, long-running PvP games for mobile devices. Our adventure started back in 2005 with the launching of flash multiplayer games on the web. Later we achieved success on Facebook with Pool Live Tour which was played by more than 100M worldwide. Smashing Four, released in 2018, became a mobile PvP hit with more than 10M+ downloads and is still growing. Our latest release, Smash Rivals, a fast-paced 3v3 fantasy brawler is currently in development and available in early access.

Key titles

Smashing Four

Smashing Four is a PvP, turn-based strategy for mobile. Built on billiard physics and blended with a fantasy RPG world where heroes, armed with their special abilities, fight in a variety of challenging arenas with each one of them calling for a different strategy. Hone and test your skills in various quests and challenges, join Clans for a social experience and help each other to advance faster and become the best.

Smash Rivals

Smash Rivals is a real-time 3v3 fantasy brawler–the only physics-based brawler out there. Grab your friends and team up for a fast-paced deathmatch in a number of arenas. Unlock & collect all the heroes, each with a unique set of abilities and find your best strategy. Enjoy the game tailored for mobiles – in portrait mode with slingshot controls which can be mastered using just one hand. Smash Rivals is currently available to download in early access on both Google Play and the App Store.

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