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AeonSparx Interactive

AeonSparx Interactive comprises of a team of like-minded and enthusiastic artists, programmers and naturally, gamers. As a small yet passionate indie studio located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are constantly challenging our creative limits to develop ideas unbound by any restrictions and to ultimately deliver a gaming experience reflective of all the accumulated designs and visions which we can proudly claim as our own.

“Zombie Soup” is our very first original IP indie title in development scheduled to be released on Steam.

Key titles

Zombie Soup

Zombie Soup is a fast-paced top down shooter that follows the adventures of Ricky, a young college freshman on a backpack trip seeking to explore the world during the summer break. He inadvertently finds himself in a small town that is celebrating an annual festivity after waking up from a long train journey, and soon discovers that the most of the townspeople have been turned into zombies and monsters!

Zombie Remix

Zombie Remix follows a young boy named Ricky and his friends as they battle to clear their town from zombies and monsters! Equip your characters with unique talents and boost your weapon with multiple concocted power-ups to blast your way through dark, eerie levels littered with dangerous obstacles!

Hexlords: Quantum Warfare

After the Allied Forces claimed victory of World War II in 1945, the United Democratic Government was created to govern the world, with representatives from every country holding a seat in this new government.

Now in the year 2020, tensions have risen between countries desiring to separate themselves from the UDG and from those that wish to remain, leading to the advent of World War III and splitting the world into 4 distinct factions.

Inspired by the likes of classic strategy games, Hexlords is a competitive online PvP strategy game for iOS and Android devices that includes elements of base management and tower defence gameplay. Build the ultimate army and dominate other players by using characters from these four factions.

Combine hex grid resources management to build the army for tower defence and the online multiplayer battle arena. Hexlords combines the likes of collectible battle units and heroes set in a dystopian futuristic realm.

RaceRoom Mobile

RaceRoom Mobile brings the racing simulation experience onto mobile devices to keep racing enthusiasts engaged while aiming to maintain reaction time and active memorisation of renowned courses around the world.

Players are able to conveniently access these courses and continue practicing racing fundamentals such as the optimum braking, turning, and shifting points for every turn through timed on-screen triggers.

Food Brawl: Survival Shooter

Choose among fruit and vegetable heroes with an arsenal of weapons and power-ups to battle never-ending waves of relentless enemies!

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