Outside the Fox

Outside the Fox

The Outside the Fox is a small and brand new (also shiny!) soon-to-be award-winning studio with 6 members, that decided to stand up against the bureaucratical oppression of Robo-government. We originated as students at Charles University, Prague, and our game dev dreams are not yet crushed by cruel reality. Right now we are being incubated by Charles Games (creators of award-winning Attentat 1942) and our debut game Silicomrades will be released in 2021. Silicomrades already won a few awards, most notable the Czech Game of the Year in the student category.

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Silicomrades is a 2D top-down couch co-op shooter for 2 players with ever-action-changing gameplay about malfunctioning robots fighting against unstoppable bureaucracy. Build your own robots from parts providing different bonuses as well as potential defects and start the Resistance against the kafkaesque government. Fight the evil robo-politicians and fall apart but do not fall back!

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